A day (or two weeks) late and a dollar short

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

I warned you – when I first started this blog, I included the disclaimer: I’m no good at this “diary” thing.  And here’s why: it starts out with good intentions, but you have to keep yourself on task.  Blame it on whatever you will: the demands of fatherhood and marriage, the Lenten season, or my own slip of the mind; each and every excuse probably has its own share of the blame.  For whatever reason, I neglected to post the promised weekly review of the Bible mini-series on the History Channel.

But here’s part of what I think the reason may have been – I just didn’t know what to write.  As I watched the last two episodes (four hours worth; I still haven’t watched the March 4th episode), I enjoyed watching the portrayal of the Bible stories.  True, I disagreed with some of the portrayal (since when was Samson of African descent instead of Jewish?!) and there were stories I wish would have been included (I remember commenting to my wife that I wish they would have shown the story of Gideon), but overall I was interested to see how the producers would Old Testament stories.

But when I finished watching each of the episodes, I walked away with an empty feeling.  It wasn’t that the portrayals were entirely inaccurate, as there were definitely inaccuracy; it was, as I saw one youtube.com clip describe, that the stories were almost portrayed as individual events loosely connected by the fact that they were all Old Testament stories that depicted men and women who gave devotion to God.  What was missing was the context of the whole Old Testament Scriptures: the drumbeat (thanks, dad!) of the Old Testament, “The Savior is coming! The Savior is coming!  THE SAVIOR IS COMING!”

Where was the promise of God about his promised one?  Two and a half episodes, and never once was there a mention about God’s promised Savior.  Never once was there a mention of God’s grace through the Promised Messiah.  Never once was that glorious truth even alluded to.

It wasn’t for lack of opportunity; the Tenth Plague and the first Passover celebration (which pointed ahead to Jesus’ sacrifice as the true Passover Lamb) and the reason for which David could be forgiven his indiscretions (which, by the way, was one of my biggest beefs – where was the call to repentance by the prophet Nathan?  Where was the repentance by David, and thus the promise of forgiveness by God through the mouth of his servant?) are just two of the many opportunities through which that promise could have been mentioned.

I said this in my first review, and nothing has really changed.  If Jesus is taken out of the Old Testament, then what’s the point?  The Old Testament simply becomes a bunch of stories that are included to set examples for people to live by.  Is that the point of the Old Testament?  Absolutely not!

Scripture – all of Scripture! – is to reveal God’s plan of salvation through the sending of his Son, Jesus Christ.  Take Jesus out of the Old Testament, intentially or otherwise, is to rob it of its meaning.  Let the stories show God’s grace in the lives of sinners (yes, believe it or not, men like David and Samson and Abraham and others were just as sinful as you and I are!), and the beauty of forgiveness is stunning!

We’ll see what the March 24th episode (I’m about to watch it) and the Easter Sunday episode will say about God’s grace.  I pray that it shows the beauty of salvation through Christ alone; but even if this series doesn’t clearly show this – rest assured that God’s Word does.  And what better way to see forgiveness than from the Word of God itself?!

To quote a completely unrelated commercial, “Stay thirsty my friends.”  Stay thirsty for the Gospel, for it is the Gospel message of salvation through Christ – from beginning to end of time – that saves!

  1. Bob Briggs says:

    Yes, yes, yes. I couldn’t agree more. I only saw the first episode but I too felt empty after watching. That first episode tried to tell some Bible stories yet completely failed to tell The Bible truth, our salvation through Christ.

    Staying thirsty indeed

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